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        Father Heart of God - 9 Part Audio Series
Doug shares from his search about knowing God personally and intimately rather than religiously. As a pastor's son, he saw so many in the body of Christ that were hurt, wounded and certainly not living victoriously. Doug's heart for the body of Christ is the goal of this teaching series, which is: To see that your past comes to a condition where it no longer has a negative effect on your present and future walk with God, Doug' teaching is laced with humor and stories that will draw you to the Father Heart of God.

Chapter 1: Introduction/Our Concept of God
Chapter 2: The Difference Between Religion and Relationship
Chapter 3: Stirring the Nest
Chapter 4: Knowing God as Your Father, Part 1
Chapter 5: Knowing God as Your Father, Part 2
Chapter 6: Knowing God as Your Father, Part 3
Chapter 7: Where Was God When I Was Hurt?
Chapter 8: Our "Why God" Questions and Overcoming Guilt
Chapter 9: Forgiveness

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